Food Unwrapped

Microplastics, Nettles, Rhubarb and Custard

Food Unwrapped is on the road again to help us get more clued up about what we are eating. This week Jimmy Doherty puts some of the UK’s most popular soft drinks under the spotlight and discovers the shocking truth about the levels of so-called microplastics they contain. Kate Quilton weeds out a story about the gardener’s enemy, Nettles and meets with Devon's champion eater of the pesky plant. And Amanda Byram has the slightly sweeter task of learning why some foods, like rhubarb and custard, seem inseparable.

  • Monday 24th May, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 1


Morning Live


  • Monday 24th May

  • BBC One

  • N/A


Harry & Meghan: 3 Troubled Years

As Harry and Meghan have begun their new life in the United States with their son Archie, was it always destined to end in tears? This film looks back at what really went wrong and asks if it can ever be repaired.  Throughout their relationship there were rumours of rifts with both William and Kate, but there were also reported tensions with the royal staff—and all-out war with the tabloid press. After a bombshell interview with Oprah and claims of racism and mental health struggles were the Sussexes destined to depart?


So what went wrong? Was it a culture clash? Trouble with the old traditions? Or something else? When Meghan married Harry, she also married the whole royal family—and everything that goes with it.


But it has become evident that there were issues, which eventually led to the shocking split. Even as they embark on their new life, their battle with the tabloids is continuing and getting even more bitter. And with new opportunities including lucrative book deals and television opportunities will the Sussexes manage to make a go of it outside the firm?

  • Saturday 22nd May, 7:30pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


The Queen Mother: Romance & The Throne

n this illuminating three part series, we’ll examine the colourful life of one of Britain’s most reluctant but popular royals; Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon later known as The Queen Mother. 


Using archive and interviews with historians, royal insiders and journalists, we’ll tell the story of how a playful, pretty, aristocratic debutant transformed herself - under the anvil of abdication and the second world war - into the dutiful Queen Consort. We’ll show how the woman who never expected to be Queen became the leader Hitler called ‘the most dangerous woman in Europe’.



The Queen Mother has been known by many names; Queen Elizabeth Queen Consort, Queen Mother Elizabeth, Queen Consort and even the Smiling Duchess, but on August 4th 1900 she was born Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon. She was the ninth child and fourth daughter of Claude Bowes-Lyon, Lord Glamis, and his wife, Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck, one of Scotland’s leading aristocratic families. 


We’ll learn that she enjoyed a privileged Edwardian childhood, split between the West End for the ‘London Season’, Glamis Castle in Scotland (the fictional home of Macbeth) and the family home near Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

  • Saturday 22nd May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Naked Attraction Best Naughty Bits

Ep2 - Bad Romance 

Everybody at Naked Attraction knows it’s a show that doesn’t beat around the bush, being the dating show that’s notorious for stripping back the clothes and the filters. So it’s time to have a romp through the X-rated archives and celebrate some of Naked Attractions very best naughty bits.


This episode we celebrate the lovers and the fighters and look back at the times when what started as great chemistry in the studio ended in dating disaster.  We’ll see the arguments, the total cringe and catch up with some of the most memorable pickers, including bisexual Leah from Series 3 who brought her pet dog Kush to the studio to help her pick her partner; and we re-unite Cathy from Hertfordshire and her date Andy who had probably our most explosive ever ‘catch-up’ which ended in a huge argument.

  • Tuesday 25th May, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 5


Gregg Wallace's Big Weekend Away

Budapest - Over the course of three days Greggs explores one of the most popular city break destinations in Eastern Europe.  Tasting hearty local food, discovering amazing layers of history and getting stuck in with local customs Gregg discovers a city that has been shaped by the many groups who have controlled Budapest over the centuries.


Gregg sees a show of horsemanship brought to Hungary by its earliest settlers, the Mongols, jumps in a Cold War era jeep for a tour of the city’s more modern history and explores one of the Europe’s largest castles. 


But it’s the food that makes him really fall in love with Budapest…from the famous goulash to rich cakes in grand cafes to endless varieties of breakfast sausages this is a city that doesn’t hold back on hearty food.  And that is right up Gregg’s street.

  • Friday 28th May, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • N/A


The Great Garden Revolution

The Great Garden Revolution is a brand-new series and a call to arms for people across the nation to get out into our gardens and transform our outdoor spaces. A team of experts - designer Joel Bird, ecological gardener Poppy Okotcha and craftsman Bruce Kenneth - harness their expertise and inspire us with possibilities for our own space. After spending the last year in our homes, all across the UK a revolution is happening as people discover a love for gardening. In each episode, Poppy, Joel and Bruce share tips, hacks and tricks to show what can be done in our outdoor space - whatever its size, shape or make up - and help to transform one garden in need of love. And some famous faces give us a tour of their garden and show us their green-fingered efforts. From epic garden transformations and inspiring garden visits, to how-to builds and a plant-of-the-week, this show offers practical, hands-on advice so that everyone can join the revolution from wherever you are, with whatever you have. The Great Garden Revolution is made in partnership with Ronseal. 


In the final episode of the series, our experts celebrate kitchen gardens and spaces where we can grow our own veg, herbs and fruit. They visit chefs James and Karen in Wakefield in West Yorkshire, who want to grow their own. Can the team transform their garden into a space teeming with fresh produce? Poppy shows us how to plant veg that love to grow together and the best way to get food from the ground year after year. Joel plants a bee highway and creates a mushroom log using an ingenious technique, while Bruce builds a bespoke greenhouse from upcycled stained glass. Plus: comedian Tom Allen shows us around his own garden space.

  • Saturday 22nd May, 7pm

  • Channel 4

  • 4 of 4


A:E After Dark

It’s another busy night in A&E for the NHS staff, as they deal with multiple patients in life threatening scenarios. 73-year-old Sue arrives by ambulance after being run over by a car on her birthday. With spinal and head injuries, Dr. Bijou and his team have to act quickly to save her life. 


17-year-old Ethan comes to hospital after an accident at the skate park, where he banged his head. Advanced Clinical Practitioner Leigh is looking after Ethan, but she has concerns when he starts to show severe signs of memory loss. Not knowing where he is, or why he’s there, Ethan displays symptoms worrying head injury. A CT scan is required to assess whether Ethan is concussed, or if the injury is more sinister. 


Dr. Sean looks after 77-year-old Una who arrives in A&E in her dressing gown after having a fall at night. With pain in her arm, Sean orders multiple X-rays to find the source of her pain.


17-year-old Euan has snapped his leg in half playing football., and Dr.Kelum must perform a painful procedure to set it back into place. Euan is given considerable pain killers as the bones are manipulated back into place ahead of surgery the following day. 

  • Monday 24th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 11 of 12


Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar

Master builder and carpenter Mark Millar brings his 30 years’ experience to help create a minimalist kitchen for £5k in London, and three bathroom makeovers including a Hot Tub in Edinburgh for £43k. 

In south east London, first-time buyer Maria wants a minimalist kitchen that flows into her dining-living space. She wants the full minimalist look with sleek white cabinets, no handles, floating shelves, no clutter.  But she wants it welcoming and warmed up with touches of natural wood, including one wood-covered wall. Maria has not done a renovation before and has just £5k and her older brother Michael to help.  Can Mark help her achieve the slick flawless perfection of minimalism with little experience and a modest budget?


In Edinburgh, Tarek and Billie-Jo are transforming all three bathrooms in their house. The main bathroom will take over £20k of their £43k budget, and features a premium Hot Tub imported from Italy costing over £10,000. Tarek also wants the latest tech in the bathroom, like speakers and coloured lighting. But when the Jacuzzi arrives late after import delays, will it fit up the stairs, and will there be room for anything else in the bathroom?


In this episode, Mark Millar also gives viewers his golden rules for minimalist kitchens and creating a Home Spa, and guides us through the latest bathroom technology, as well as sharing his do’s and don’ts for breakfast bars and his favourite ideas for clever storage.

  • Tuesday 25th May, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 5 of 6


Fast Justice

The Sentinels are on the prowl in Ipswich when a car linked to drug supply activates one of their ANPR cameras. What starts as a stealthy pursuit by the unmarked police car turns into a dramatic foot chase when the passenger flees across a busy road, followed hot on his heels by a Sentinel officer. Once caught, it’s clear why he ran – the man has cannabis on him and a vicious looking knuckle duster. Back at the car, the previously tight-lipped driver reveals he’s got scales used in drug dealing. Both are arrested. Then three days later, the same driver is pulled over again ...this time he gives up his stash willingly, he knows the game is up.  


Meanwhile in Lowestoft, the Sentinel team pull over a car carrying three men and quickly discover the boot is full of stolen booze and meat. The driver isn’t happy when he’s arrested three times: for suspected theft, disqualified driving, and driving under the influence.  


Finally, a case of a copper’s nose sniffing out a case, as The Sentinels spot a car that doesn’t look quite right. Sure enough, the man behind the wheel is driving under the influence – but he refuses to supply a breath sample and certainly doesn't come quietly.

  • Sunday 23rd May, 6pm

  • Dave

  • 6 of 10


Trucking Hell

When a supersized 26 tonne bin lorry crashes on to its side, blocking the A607, company boss Adam’s years of experience are tested to the max. With his best metal shifting recovery truck on scene, Adam thinks he’s nailed the job, but when it’s load of rotting garbage starts to shift during the lift, things take an unexpected twist. It’s going to take all of Adam’s metal, to save the dustcart from the scrap heap 


On the other side of Leicestershire in blizzard conditions, Lee’s been landed with a 44-tonne headache, rescuing a meat lorry that’s taken a nosedive into a ditch. But when he can’t get his truck anywhere near the casualty, he hedges all his bets on mother nature, and using a tree as an anchor point, attempts one of the most complicated winch outs of his career.  But with the weather worsening by the minute, Lee’s got to pull out all the stops before a winter wonderland turns into a nightmare. 


In North London trucking hero Merrie finds herself in the danger zone, attempting to shift a bread lorry stranded just metres away from one of the busiest junctions in the capital. With rush hour traffic weaving around her, Merrie can’t put a foot wrong, clearing this 17-metre-long collision hazard. But when she discovers an unexpected fault with the artic, the recovery comes to a standstill, putting everyone in increasing danger.  

  • Thursday 27th May, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 7 of 10


Dragons' Den

Dragons’ Den continues as more nervous entrepreneurs face the fiercest line-up in business. In the Den, multimillionaires Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Sara Davies will make or break a new batch of business dreams. 


A London-based entrepreneur with his assortment of naturally derived sugar alternatives, hopes his proposition will be just as sweet, while a couple face a roasting over their optimistic projections for their vitamin-infused coffee. An inventor hopes to fix a deal with her portable children’s suction mats and a range of innovative eco cleaning products are pitched; but will they clean up with the Dragons?

  • Thursday 27th May, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 9 of 14


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