Fred and Rose West: The Search For The Victims

This week, Gloucester and the crimes of Fred and Rose West are in the headlines again, as police dug up the grounds of the Clean Plate Cafe. New evidence suggested the body of Mary Bastholm may be buried there. And that she may have been the latest, and 13th victim of the Wests' reign of terror to be found. With the news that the family will still have no closure after the search proved inconclusive.  The question is when will this nightmare end for the families who encountered the Wests and their murderous reign


For years rumours have circulated that other potential victims may have been murdered by West, and their bodies buried. Up to now police have failed to solve these mysteries and the questions remain.


Uncovering the story of Mary, and revealing the detailed stories of 12 other young women known to have been murdered by Fred and Rose West, this definitive and methodical series shot over the last year will explain how and why these women were killed.


Featuring exclusive witness testimony from those closest to the victims, who haven’t spoken before,  and rarely seen archive, this definitive documentary series will reveal the true horror of what took place behind closed doors at 25 Cromwell Street, and other addresses in Gloucester over many years.


These two feature length films reveal how the Wests’ killing spree went undiscovered for years, as an apparently normal life continued at 25 Cromwell Street. And for the first time we make the links between all the young women who met their deaths in such terrible circumstances.


Unearthed home videos expose the veneer of a happy family that disguised the house of horror's murderous secrets. Police recordings, and new interviews with lawyers and police who worked on the case reveal the mindset and horrific methods of a killer who continued to crave control and protect a murderous wife - who would ultimately be the only one to face justice for the killings.


As victim after victim is uncovered by investigators, we hear their stories; families, surviving victims and key witnesses come forward to reveal the real people behind the grisly headlines, and details of the lives that were tragically cut short. Told by those who lived it, many speaking for the first time, this is the detailed, untold story of how Fred and Rosemary West became Britain’s most notorious killer couple. But more - it is the story of their victims, and raises new questions about how many more lives may have been lost to this murderous partnership.


We track the progress of the latest police actions and assess whether Mary Bastholm's loved ones and those of other long suspected victims will ever get their chance of closure.

  • Monday 7th June, 9pm
    Tuesday 8th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Clarkson's Farm

Jeremy Clarkson is a journalist, broadcaster, and a man who travels the world to slide sideways in supercars while shouting. He is not a farmer, which is unfortunate because he’s bought a 1,000-acre farm in the English countryside and decided to run it himself, despite knowing nothing whatsoever about farming. The series follows an intense, back-breaking and frequently hilarious year in the life of Britain’s most unlikely farmer and his team, as they contend with the worst farming weather in decades, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops, and an unexpected pandemic. Helped only by his gang of agricultural associates, Clarkson quickly discovers that a modern farmer must be conservationist, scientist, shepherd, shopkeeper, midwife, engineer, accountant and tractor driver, often at the same time. Despite the calamities that ensue, this is most definitely not “The Grand Tour Goes Farming.” Here on the farm the failures have real emotional consequences and Jeremy, completely out of his comfort zone, must lean on others as he strives to grow crops, rear sheep and pull off environmental projects that are close to his heart. And yes, you read that last bit correctly. This is Jeremy Clarkson as you’ve never seen him before.



Jeremy Clarkson is put in a very different driving seat as he takes on the running of his 1000-acre farm in the Cotswolds - which he christens Diddly Squat in anticipation of its productivity -   despite knowing almost nothing about agriculture. In this first episode, we see Clarkson completely out of his comfort zone as he embarks on his path towards muddy misery and potential ruin by test driving tractors, cultivating large tracts of land, and finding all the ways in which farm equipment can mortally wound you. The local land agent, Charlie, also has serious doubts that Jeremy will succeed.

Clarkson risks mockery from other farmers for his shoddy planting as he battles to get his crops in the ground during one of the wettest autumns on record, which is where Kaleb, a young local farmer, steps in. Aware of Clarkson’s complete lack of experience, Kaleb sets about trying to teach him the tricks of the trade, and so begins an unlikely friendship, with the young farmer, who has no time for cossetted TV stars, putting Jeremy through a rural boot camp. 



Jeremy Clarkson continues in his attempt to run a 1000-acre Cotswold farm. In this episode, Clarkson decides the best way to keep his wild grass fields in check is with a flock of sheep, only to discover he has populated his farm with the most belligerent, disobedient animals on the planet. Along the way he discovers the speed-talking terror of a livestock auction, tries to replace the tried and tested sheep dog with a drone, becomes a water divining druid and is then forced to make a heart-breaking decision.



Having seen how busy the cash registers are at the local farm shop, Jeremy, eyes full of pound signs, decides to open his own. This then becomes an over ambitious race against time as he tries to stop his potatoes from rotting to mush, his chickens from being eaten by foxes, and his spring water from being contaminated. Clarkson must also joust with the local council, fend off unhappy locals, win over some caravanners and learn how to use a piece of equipment called a ‘man killer’. Helping Clarkson in his task are Kaleb, his increasingly vocal tractor driver, and Gerald, his incomprehensible dry stone waller, who’s been promoted to head of security. Just one more problem; Clarkson doesn’t actually have a shop and the success of his idea hinges entirely on battling the rain to build one. Once that’s all done he’ll need just one more thing… customers.   



Jeremy Clarkson decides to become a naturalist. Specifically, he decides to do something about Britain’s worryingly depleted insect population. For a man who has made a living driving supercars around corners whilst shouting, this is a topic that is genuinely close to his heart. In order to make his farm more bug-friendly, he attempts to dig a pond, dam a stream, thin out his woods and install some bees, during which he manages to create a quagmire, destroy a fence and force the creation of a bizarre tractor centipede. Undeterred by the scorn of his girlfriend, Lisa, the anger of land agent Charlie and the mockery of his sceptical lieutenant, Kaleb, Greta Clarkson also decides to build an insect superhighway and erect owl boxes in order to make his farm a place where Mother Nature is always welcome. As long as she stops messing with his dam.



As the UK goes into lockdown, Jeremy Clarkson and the team prepare for the pandemic as we see the early effects of the Coronavirus virus impact the farm. With lambing season upon them and a couple of hundred baby lambs due to be born, Clarkson is faced with delivering his first baby lamb alone, without the help of Shepherdess Ellen. Whilst pondering on the long-term consequences of COVID-19 on British farming, he plants and prepares for future vegetable shortages and opens the Didley Squat Farm Shop for the locals. However, it’s not all fun and games with the locals, as Clarkson and Kaleb rush to the rescue when his haybales are set on fire by local vandals. Despite all the problems, this episode is a touching and quite moving look at the small, dysfunctional Diddly Squat community huddling together in a pandemic world. 



The farm struggles with the driest spring ever recorded, as fields and crops wilt away in the heat, this brutal springtime dry spell threatens to ruin Clarkson’s valuable crops, dry out his beloved wetland and trouble his precious livestock. Undeterred, he gets busy planting pumpkins, sweetcorn, and some government approved trees before he and Kaleb make a desperate and ham-fisted tractor trip to his nearest supply of running water. Also in this episode, it’s shearing time for Clarkson’s sheep and there’s a murder mystery over at the hen houses.



The drought continues as the UK faces one of its hottest summers, but Jeremy Clarkson and his crew still have a fearsome list of jobs to complete ahead of harvest time. In an attempt to make some money, Clarkson decides to bottle his own spring water inside an overheated shipping container on the farm, harvest honey and beeswax from his bee apiary to sell in the farm shop and sell his trout to a local pub. Lisa takes charge of re-opening the Didley Squat farm shop, to stock and sell Clarkson’s produce as well as locally sourced goods. Trusty sidekick Kaleb becomes Clarkson’s extremely reluctant wasabi salesman, embarking on a trip to London – a place he has loathed since his one unsuccessful school trip - to talk to big city restaurants such as Nobu, Roka and The Shard; it does not go to plan. 



After months of hard work Clarkson’s farm arrives at a make-or-break moment, harvest time. Off to a rocky start, Clarkson must find a vital piece of equipment last minute, and fit four days of work into 24 hours, to harvest hundreds of acres of crops before the rain returns to ruin them. As if the harvest wasn’t enough to deal with, we see a more emotional side to Clarkson as he mourns the death of a beloved animal. With time running out Clarkson undermines his own hard work, Kaleb loses patience, and an old friend from The Grand Tour arrives to help. Clarkson and Charlie are left to crunch the numbers and see if the so-called cash crops will actually make any cash. As an intense year draws to a close, the team gather for an end-of-harvest picnic to make a very big decision; will Jeremy keep on farming?

  • Friday 11th June, TBC

  • Amazon Prime

  • 1-8



When GCHQ learn that an American cyberweapon nicknamed ‘Eternal Blue’ has fallen into the wrong hands, the CyberSecurity team must do everything they can to neutralise the threat and avoid a potential nuclear disaster. But maverick former-NSA agent Jerry Bernstein (David Schwimmer) sees this as an opportunity to prove his worth and cajoles hapless junior analyst Joseph Harries (Nick Mohammed) once again in using the conspiracy as a path back to the NSA and a final chance to redeem himself. But as they are running out of time, officious boss Christine Clarke (Sylvestra Le Touzel) must decide if she should take a chance and trust her team or stick to playing by the rules – especially when there is still the possibility of a mole at large. 


Ep1 - When we re-join the team at GCHQ they are in a code red situation: Hinkley Point Nuclear power plant is under cyber-attack and will go into meltdown in less than half an hour, with catastrophic results. Having been instrumental in developing Eternal Blue – the cyber weapon the Russians are now using to attack the nuclear site - Jerry’s intel suddenly becomes vital to national, if not international, security. But his maverick approach means facing some demons from his past. The stakes have never been higher, so with the clock ticking can Jerry, Joseph and the CySec team save the day and avoid a national disaster?

  • Tuesday 8th June, 10pm

  • Sky One

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Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts

The emergency team from Yorkshire’s favourite casualty department are back. And there have been some changes at Barnsley’s A&E – nursing staff have been promoted, junior doctors have joined and there’s a shiny new red phone. The team remain at the heart of our over-stretched health service, struggling against a backdrop of closing GP surgeries and rising patient numbers. We see the life-saving medics in resus, the resilient nurses helping the walk-in wounded, and the paediatric specialists looking after the youngest patients. Their passion, dedication and commitment keep them returning shift after shift, but it’s their Yorkshire grit and humour that gets them through the toughest days.


Sister Jane Hawksworth has clocked on for a night shift to find every bed in Barnsley Hospital is taken. To get the department moving again, Sister Jane and the close-knit Casualty team will have to pull together.


It’s only 18 minutes into the shift when junior doctor Patrick King receives a critical call. An ambulance is rushing in a 77-year-old man: Barry has a history of heart problems and now he’s showing signs of a heart attack.


It’s Nurse Chloe Wesley’s first night back on duty since being a patient in Casualty herself after she was bitten by her dog. She explains, ‘I think it makes me able to empathise with patients a lot better, because I actually know what they’re going through, and how scared they are and what their pain is like.’ She heads straight to resus to treat 26-year-old Kayleigh, who’s come in with a dislocated shoulder.

Junior doctor John Shepherd’s next patient is 24-year-old Craig, who fell from a six-foot fence on to concrete. Impact injuries from falls can result in complex fractures so he needs x-rays and a CT scan for Doctor Shepherd to find out what he needs to treat.


Nurse Millie Schumacher is in ambulance admissions assessing 81-year-old Clifford. He’s accidentally double dosed on his prescription medication and is suffering with a blistering headache.


In the middle of the night, there’s no slowdown in the ambulances arriving. Paramedics rush in 90-year-old Stanley who’s suffering from severe breathing difficulties. Registrar doctor Dan Bewick needs to diagnose Stanley fast before his breathing deteriorates any further. ‘I think there’s always a role for humour. This may be the worst day of their life, and if you can improve that in any way, just sharing a joke with someone is a very human thing to do,’ he says.

  • Wednesday 9th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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When Saturday Night TV Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s one time of the week when viewers have traditionally flocked to the TV - Saturday nights. We can't get enough of it when it goes right, and we love it even more when it goes horribly wrong. From Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway to Strictly Come Dancing to Dr Who, there's something for everyone in this three-hour special narrated by Les Dennis.


On Take Me Out, a contestant falls for her date before the show has even begun, resulting in host Paddy McGuinness having to rescue the poor damsel in distress.  A DIY challenge proves too much for Anneka Rice when she ends up in a fit of giggles. And classic quiz 3-2-1 is dogged by bizarre prizes including a St Bernard and a year's supply of brandy!


Plus, there's the moment things went balls up on The National Lottery, a challenge on You Bet! goes wrong before it has barely started and a vintage 1950s TV stunt involving a steam train fails to stay on track. Look out too for boo-boos from Celebrity Catchphrase, Tarby has a tricky chat show guest and the story of how the 1980s quiz show The Price is Right was axed at its peak.

  • Saturday 5th June, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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Celebrity Gogglebox

Featuring a rolling cast of famous faces, Celebrity Gogglebox returns for a third series, as several of Britain's best loved personalities turn their hand to being the country's most opinionated viewers. From Saturday night entertainment juggernauts to the week's biggest news stories, and from hard-hitting documentary series to gritty drama, Celebrity Gogglebox offers sharp, insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows, sparking debate and giving the audience the chance to share those 'we said that!' moments with some of their favourite celebrities.

The Queen Mother: Grandmother to the Nation

The last film in the series charts the final 50 years of the Queen Mother, revealing that being a widow at 51 did not suit her at all. Not only had she lost her husband, but also his many royal houses - Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Sandringham and Balmoral - along with her role in national life. Or so she thought at the time. 

The Queen Mother dedicated the rest of her life to her family and the her country, devoting herself to official duties, functions and openings which would become her full-time occupation. Often portrayed in the media as a do good, traditional grandmother, we’ll go behind the headlines to show how her Edwardian values were often at odds with a modernising royal family. We’ll reveal she was sometimes cruel in her treatment of people who she felt were not behaving as a royal should. According to Andrew Morton, Princess Diana’s official biographer, the Queen Mother became the Princess’s greatest enemy. We’ll also reveal that she never forgave Wallis Simpson, blaming her for forcing her husband into a job that she believed killed him. We’ll hear how she hounded Simpson across the empire ensuring she never got a title and was ostracised by the entire family. While these revelations momentarily took the shine off the Queen Mother’s status as the “nation’s favourite Grandma”, it was her eccentric-seeming traditionalism, philanthropy and patronage that saw the great British public forgive their sweet Grandma everything.

  • Saturday 5th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Naked Attraction’s Best Naughty Bits

The Good, the Bad & the Kinky

Everybody at Naked Attraction knows it’s a show that doesn’t beat around the bush, being the dating show that’s notorious for stripping back the clothes and the filters. So it’s time to have a romp through the X-rated archives and celebrate some of Naked Attractions very best naughty bits.


This episode is about the rich tapestry that make up the Naked Attraction pickers – from those that it seemed butter wouldn’t melt to those that let rip with all their darkest secrets.  From the time we had a polyamorous couple picking a date on the show, to those that covered the bodies in whipped cream, strawberries and custard.  We also catch up with some of our most memorable pickers including Emmy-Lou who’s been on the show three times, to Glynn from series six who indulged his food fetish with the bodies in the studio.

Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away

Amsterdam - Over the course of three action packed days Gregg explores a perennial favourite for a weekend getaway.  The Dutch capital is one of Europe’s prettiest cities and while staying on its famous canals Gregg discovers its fascinating history.  He visits iconic art galleries and tours the canals, uncovering why this city became known as the most liberal place in Europe.  


Gregg also gets stuck into the food– from the super traditional to the Dutch equivalent of a Friday night curry…the Indonesian.


And he also revisits his market roots with a trip to Amsterdam’s famous flower trading floor, where over half the world’s flowers come at some point and also visits a festival that takes love for flowers to new lengths by building huge floats decorated with flowers. 

  • Friday 11th June, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • Episode 5


Fast Justice

The Sentinel team in Lowestoft are cracking down on drug related crime in their town. Hitting local hotspots, they spy a car that doesn’t look quite right. After pulling it over and searching the occupants they find a concealed blade down a passenger’s trousers, plus a burner phone in his pants. 


Later, while patrolling a local estate, the sergeant wants to question a man who runs as soon as he sees the police car. A foot chase and a drawn taser soon bring him to a stop but draws a crowd. One bystander is another person of interest in another drugs related case, and the very next day The Sentinels pay him a visit at home and make an arrest.

  • Sunday 6th June, 6pm

  • Dave

  • 8 of 10


Trucking Hell

When a horsebox breaks down on the notoriously busy M25, Lantern’s Heavy Operation’s Manager, Michael,  is in for a rocky ride.  Before he can tow the casualty vehicle away, the horse has to be moved to another horsebox.  But rush hour is fast approaching, and the horse risks being spooked by the fast-flowing traffic on the motorway.  Michael, the police and Highways England need to pull out all the stops to avoid disaster.  


In the Berkshire countryside, Lantern op Merrie’s faced with an electrifying recovery.  A 26-tonne dustbin cart has come off the road and is tilting sideways.  To rescue the truck, Merrie extends the boom from her wrecker to lift the dustcart from above.  But she’s in for a shock when she realises her boom is inches away from the mains electricity cable above. 


Crouch op Buzz is dicing with danger on the A42.  Struggling to find which wheel on a 44-tonner has a bust wheel bearing, Buzz has a crucial decision to make.  Can he risk the wheel coming off during the tow, or can he find an alternative to avoid the risk of a major accident?


In Northamptonshire, veteran recovery op Lee wrestles with a delivery truck that’s sinking in mud.  Attempts at trying to get a clear line from his wrecker to the truck sees Lee wrestling to avoid damaging the vehicle he’s supposed to save.

  • Thursday 10th June, 9pm

  • Paramount

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